30 March 2011

Nun of That!

for king's county pen n' ink show

07 March 2011

Broadway Gallery photos

"No Vacancy for Petrified Tears"

Heres some pics from a group show in Soho I recently participated in. Plus more here: http://www.broadwaygallerynyc.com/2011/02/februarys-global-art-projects-exhibition-reception/

More updates to come... think im just gonna say fuck it and start doing diy rock band posters again :D

26 November 2010


new painting for friends living room.

also i will be showing work at InRivers art space in December. http://inrivers.tumblr.com/

29 June 2010

New Works

on display til the end of july at kings county and also available for purchase thru 99% Art Gallery in Williamsburg: